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I am trying to combine joking with being earnest, and drawings with written stuff.

This is a list of all my blogg posts, organized after when they were published. Not all of them have been translated to english, I am sorry. Those who are, are marked with an "E" in the lower right corner, the other ones are only in norwegian. But as the illustrations are the important things in most of them, you might still get something out of them.

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  They never get finished with Navalny.
  Published 27.05.2022
  Brush up your russian.
  Published 05.05.2022
  If Putin wins, we are all in danger.
  Published 03.04.2022  (E)
  A silent demonstration against
  Putin. Published 21.03.2022 (E)
  But Balloons always explode in
   the end ! Published 14.03.2022 (E)
  The coming image of Putin.
   Published 07.03.2022 (E)
  Almost no elephants are left.
  Published 10.01.2022. (E)
  Can we trust them now ?
  Published 06.09.2021 (E)