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Not all of them have been translated to english, I am sorry. Those who are, are marked with an "E" in the lower right corner, the other ones are only in norwegian. But as the illustrations are the important things in many of them, you might still get something out of them.

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  Life in Stockholm and Oslo.
  Published 16.05.2021
  Norwegian weapons in Jemen.
  Published 10.05.2021 (E)
  Dictionary deserving more support!
  Published 15.03.2021 (E)
  Who is the winner, Putin or Navalny ?
  Published 11.02.2021 (E)
  Now it is WT.Social we go for !
  Published 01.01.2021 (E)
  New life to an old line of riddles
  Published 01.01.2021 (E)
  They were stupid, but . . .
  Published 04.01.2021 (E)
  Better use "common sense" !
  Published 12.12.2020
  You think you know what AI is ?
  Published 06.12.2020 (E)
  Oil production waste of money.
  Published 12.11.2020
  Leaving with style.
  Published 09.11.2020 (E)
   The Web is full of traps!
  Published 01.09.2020 (E)
  Everything should be great.
  Published 01.09.2020
  Even easy rules are hard.
  Published 01.09.2020
  Norwegian is partly chinese.
  published 30.07.2020
  A 1969 exibition.
  Published 10.06.2020
  "Taking responsibility".
  Published 03.06.2020
  Now we are all waiting for...what ?
  Published 04.05.2020
  Local bulding politics in Oslo
   Published 17.02.2020
  They are not really social.
  Published 08.02.2020 (E)
  The situation is alarming.
  Published May 2019.