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The world was more than enough absurd and grotesque even when this web site was new in 2019, and since then it has only grown worse. It is difficult to see what one can do about it, besides supporting some of the protesting. My contribution will be this "blog" where I publish my bitter comments and attempts to see the funny side of some of the absurdities.

Now in 2024 I have deleted some posts that no longer had any actuality, and also organized things by topics. If you are interested there is also a list where the posts are organized after when they were published. I very much appreciate all kinds of comments or questions. Please mail to:

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  We are in the act of destroying
  the suppositions for life on earth.
  While Putin is creating other
  quite unnecessary problems.
  To be on the internet is more
  dangerous than you know.
  Here is a survey of all posts
  that lies on the blogg.

While a click on these icons leads directly to some actual posts:
  Ukraine is fighting for democracy
  for all europeans.
  New life to the old
  childrens's riddles.
  We have to realize that
  Trump may be coming back.
  Could we expect them to be softer
  than they have turned out to be ?