Welcome to Erling Ambles Web Site

This web site consists first of all of a blogg, where I publish drawings and texts about whatever I find important or funny in this absurd world. The last year this of course has been dominated by Ukraine and Putin.

Besides that, there is a collection of drawings and stories from my childhood in the nineteenfifties, where the last entry is the story about the cat we had when I was six-eight years old.

Here are links to some organizations representing the values I regard most important in the world today. They need all the support they can get !

Støtt Greenpeace! The Grandparents Climate Action WWF WWF Naturvernforbundet
Leger uten Grenser Amnesty Reporters without Borders Wikipedia

I have copyright to all texts and drawings on this web site. You are welcome to share them, on the condition that you refer to this web site as your source, and I would like to be informed about all such use. Commercial use is not allowed without permission from me. In such cases, please contact me at    .