Welcome to Erling Ambles Web Site

In the darkness that dominates the state of the world, there are now in february 2021 two important points of light: Donald Trump has been removed from the White House, and vaccines against the Corona Virus are being distributed to the peoples of the world. But apart from that, there are enough of other problems.

I started this web site a coupple of years ago in order to publish some

memories of my childhood in the nineteenfifties. Since then I have filled it up with texts and drawings commenting the madness of the world.

In an absurd world, absurd humour becomes meaningful. It is at least very serious. How funny it is I leave to others to judge. My last attempt is about a game of chess on a very high level that is taking place in Moscow.

I have copyright to all texts and drawings on this web site. You are welcome to share them, on the condition that you refer to this web site as your source, and I would like to be informed about all such use. Commercial use is not allowed without permission from me. In such cases, please contact me at    .