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and happy new Year 2021 !

The world has been through a very special year. The pandemic has led to that many people have died, and even more have become unemployed or have seen their life's work turn into a ruin. On the other hand, for the first time in history all of mankind simultanously has met one and the same problem, and when we at last grasped how serious it was, there were no limits to the amount of economic resources that one was able to find to minimize the damage the virus could create. And within shorter time than ever before the medical scientists had developed vaccines that they promise effeciently will fight the virus.

But the pandemic must actually be regarded as a trifle compared with what is expecting us if we fail to keep the increase of the worlds temperature below the two degrees limit. The experiences from the fight against the virus give hope that it even will be possible to change the course of the world regarding the climate and the environment.

I have to admit that I have been rather pessimistic about these issues. It is easy to be overwhelmed by all the things that seem to move in the wrong direction, so that one gets blind for the the things that is moving the right way. The investments in renewable energy resources is increasing as never before, and unnecessary traveling and transport seem to decreasing. To mention a few.

But there is some totally other kind of matter that I will draw your attention to in this edition of the site. It is a problem absolute a minor to those of the climate and the pandemic, that is so. Many of you might even regard Facebooks dominant position in the world as being no problem at all. But, with all respect, then you are wrong. The nice thing about this Facebook problem is that now it is very easy to do something about it.

Last but not least I have made some explorations of the concept of "The Elephant in the Room", that some of you might find funny.