Welcome to the Web Site of Erling Amble

The Spring of 2024: The world is crazy, but it is still possible to find spots of light.

( One night, take a look at the Stellar Heavens)

This web site was first launched in may 2019, and thus it will have been sailing on the cyber sea for five years this spring. After november 2022 not much happened here until february this year. The murder on Aleksej Navalny and Trump's new side job as a bible seller in a way put me back on track. You

can now also read new reviews of some very interesting books. The "bookshelf" section that formerly was only in norwegian, has now also got its english version. Furthermore, I have withdrawn some blogg posts that had lost their actuality, and all in all made some minor reorganizing.

The Dancing Wu Li Masters
  The Theory of Relativity and the
  Quantum Mechanics explained so that
  even you and I nearly understands it.
  The gathering around his funeral
  shows that his ideas are still
  very much alive.
  Trump has in a way destroyed
  the concept "Donald" for a lot of
  people all over the world.
  Some satirical commentaries,
  but also some more serious ones
  to various issues.
  The far less well-known
  sequel to "Zen and the Art...",
  is no less thought-provoking.
  Think if Christianity
  never had come to power
  in the Roman Empire ?
  In spite of all other problems,
  taking care of life on earth
  is the most important of all.
  It was a different kind of life, and the
  fifties all in all were very different
  from the time we live in today.

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