Welcome to Erling Ambles Web Site

The World continues spinning in its crooked way. On this web site I try at least in various ways to "put my weak shoulder against the wheel" as Allen Ginsberg once expressed it.

Below here you will find entrances to some of these ways. I will later try to make a more complete survey of all the topics that this web site includes.

Here are links to some norwegian organizations that also in various ways are laying their shoulders against the wheel. Luckily enough, they are somewhat more powerful than I am, but not stronger than that they need all the

support they can get. So it is nice if you donate some money or contribute to their important work in other ways. Clicking on their icons will bring you to them.

I have copyright to all texts and drawings on this web site. You are welcome to share them, on the condition that you refer to this web site as your source, and I would like to be informed about all such use. Commercial use is not allowed without permission from me. In such cases, please contact me at    .