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The dinosaurs has got a worse reputation than they deserve.

                              They were rather huge and not very smart. But it seems like that
                              they took care of the ressources of the planet in a far better way than we have done.

I am an old man. I have to admit that I by the years have also grown a bit slower than I was. So I do understand those who would talk about me as a dinosaur. I don't think that is so bad. The dinosaurs were engaged in eating, fighting with other animals, have sex and sleep. In other words, not very different from us. Even if they probably did not spend so much time as we do wondering about where we are coming from, what happens when we die and what is the meaning of the whole thing.


The Dinosaurs dominatede the planet in more than 160 millioner years.

That is a long time, compared to the coupple of hundred thousand years we humans have been around.

We have made ourselves an image of the dinosaurs as being the most cruel of animals, wandering killing machines to whom the meaning of life was to kill everybody else. And surely, some of them could be rather hard to deal with if you met them. But compared to how the species of mankind has behaved the short time we have been here, there is reason to belive that we have to conclude that we are far worse. And that we have done much more to damage the other kinds of life on the planet than the dinosaurs ever were close to.