"Slava Ukraine" means "Honour for Ukraine".

When I first published this page april 3. , I wrote that it means "The Gloriousness of Ukraine", instead of "Freedom", "Peace" or "Victory" for Ukraine, as I had imagined. This is a translation I got from the site "". Later, ukrainians I have met have explained to me that "Honour for Ukraine" is a more correct translation. I am sorry that I have contributed to spread a false translation of the expression.
Anyway, here you can find the words of the Ukraine National Song. A klick on this, and you can also listen to it, as performed by the norwegian chamber choir Ole Bull kammerkor in Bergen, Norway. ukrainas nasjonalsang

The english translation is from Wikipedia.

Demonstrasjon på Sergels Torg
Today Sunday april 3., several thousand people gathered at Sergels Torg in Stockholm to show their support for the ukrainians fight against the russian invasion. But these demonstrations are still dominated by ukrainans, It seems like most other people living here do not realise that if Russia is not defeated in Ukraine, all of Europe is in danger.