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We are in the act of destroying the very suppositions for life on earth.

To stop this development is more important than anything else.

In spite of the steadily increasing frequensy of drought disasters, forest fires, tidal waves. violent storms etc etc, it looks like may people still have not understood that the environmentl destructions are beyond compare the most urging problem mankind is facing. The fact that the down-melting of the glaciers of Antarktis and Greenland show tendencies to go even faster than estimated earlier, and that the ocean ice of Arktis is decreasing year by year, none of these seems sufficient to make the majority realize how serious the situation is.

The Climate changes are given a good part of attention, that has to be admitted. Big conferences are held where representatives from all nations come together to make ambigious declarations about how the emissions shall be decreased. But when it comes to realization of these fine decalarations not much is happening. The emissions continue to increase. And parallell to this there is an ongoing extinction of most of the various animals and plants that we are sharing this planet with. This has got a very limited attention.

Now, the planet will survive all of this. But that is a meager consolation for all those species that will be extincted, and for that which we like to call "the human civilization".

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Many organizations are trying to fight against this gloomy development. Here are some of them:
Støtt Greenpeace! Besteforeldrenes klimaaksjon Naturvernforbundet WWF WWF