blogg/ Putin

Vladimir Putin - a timorous little man, posessed by a desire to look big and powerful.

And posessed by a wish to go into history as the man who restored Russia as an important and mighty country in the world, meaning rewinding the clock a century or two backwards in time.

In a time when the world more than ever before needs leaders capable of dealing with the real problems we are facing, the last thing we need are such people that instead wants to restore old imperial powers. First of all this is a tragedy for the russians,

but, as we see, absolutely also for Russias neighbouring countries, and in the end for the whole world.

Some people will perhaps assert that I on my side might look posessed by Putin, so many times that I have been making him an issue for my commentaries. I will rather have to live with that, although there are many other issues I also take interest in. But I find it difficult to just let him keep on without taking the opportunity to make my comments on it in my way.