Wikipedia - a very important source of information and caretaker of the total knowledge of humanity.

Very many of us are more or less frequent users of Wikipedia, and appreciate that this enormous source of information is available to us. Wikipedia is the worlds largest encyclopedia on the internet. It gives access to more than 56 million articles in 319 different languages, and every month it is visited by more than 1,7 billion people (numbers from march 2021). In a world where the commercial giants like Google, Facebook, Amazoon etc already have gained far more power than they deserve, Wikipedia is among their most important counter-forces. While Google, Facebook etc create themselves enormous profits by selling information about their users, and have developed advanced algorithms to make them spend as much time as possible on their platforms, this is totally out of the question for Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a 100% non-profit organization, and to keep itself running, it is dependent on voluntary donations from its users.

But of those 1,7 billion people who visit Wikipedia regularly, only 2% actually donate money to the organization. The great majority are non-paying passengers. I beleive that most of these think that they also ought to contribute, only, they have not come around to do it yet. But here you have the chance, it is very simple, you just click on this link, follow the instructions, and there you are.

If you want to know a little more about Wikipedia before you donate them anything, you can find information here.


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