The Secret Life of Wine Bottle Corks

For many years I have found it hard just to throw away used wine bottle corks, because I find them so beautiful. So over the years they have heaped up to a rather big collection. The problem has been to figure out what they could be used to.

Later I came to that a better thing would be to imagine what kind of thoughts the corks themselves would have about the way they are used and what they rather would do. Then emerged a row of conversations, of which a few have materialized below. Others may come later.

Corks talking about marriage and divorce
  1 About the Trauma of losing
  contact with your bottle.
Corks talking about waiting for Godot
  2 "Waiting for Godot",
  Cork's Version.
Corks talking about bottles
  3 Is there any reason bottles should
  regard corks as inferior to them ?
Corks talking about waiting for Godot
  4 Can Corks be regarded as
  a separate Species ?