About Erling


I was born in Oslo, Norway in 1948, and have lived there for the greater part of my life. The more recent years I have been living in Stockholm, Sweden.

I graduated from the Oslo School of Architecture in 1975. Since then I have been working as an Architect in 45 years. You will find more about that under the other flip.

My main interests and values are those who are given priority in this web site. I am among those who think that the environmental issues by far are the most important challenges we are facing in the world today. I am afraid that the priority we are giving to economical growth and our lack of understanding how dependent we are on all the other forms of life on this planet are in the act of driving us right into a disaster that is impossible to imagine.

Besides that I have always been a reading person and somewhat more than average interested in Theatre. I easily let myself be fascinated by a number of issues such as history, language, ethymology, mathemathics etc. On the other hand: Music is more or less a closed country for me, and I have no understanding for football. As a retired Architect I find it exciting to learn more about drawing. Besides that I love getting out in the Nature, in the forests, in the mountains and in the Oceans.

I have a grown-up daughter who lives in Oslo, while I, as I said, am living in Stockholm. I am married to Vigdis Bøhmer. She is making paintings I find fine.

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