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Briefly about my life

I was born in Oslo, Norway in 1948, and have lived the greater part of my life there. The last years I have been living in Stockholm, Sweden.

I graduated from the Oslo School of Architecture in 1975, and since then I have worked as an architect in Oslo in various roles in a little more than 40 years. How that was I might be telling more about later, here is something about how it started.

I became an architect because I was very fond of drawing when I was a kid. Now I am full time retired, and can spend some of my time trying to make other kinds of drawings than the ones I did as an architect.

Besides this passion for drawing, I was also always fascinated by the theatre. In 1995-96 I spent a year at the University of Oslo following a course in theatre science .

All of my adult life I have been engaged in environmental issues, and regards this as the most important political question mankind is facing, beyond compare. Besides this I will say that I up through the years have had much pleasure from reading novels, and I can easily be fascinated by the most different issues, without pretending to know much about any of them, like history, languages, ethymology, mathematics etc. On the other hand I have absolutely no ear for music, and I am uninterested in football and other kind of sport. I like to stroll around in the forest, and have had much pleasure from hiking in the mountains of Norway in summer time.