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Briefly about my life

I was born in Oslo, Norway in 1948, and have lived most of my life there. The last years I have been living in Stockholm, Sweden.

I was educated from the Oslo School of Architecture in 1975. Since then I have been working as an architect in various settings in Oslo in a little more than fourty years. I have an intention to upload something both about the education and about what it was like to be an arcitect. But so far, this is only an idea, and all that exist is one first drawing about it.

After several years of de-escalating, I am now full-time retired, and have found time to explore whether I am able to make other kinds of drawings than those required on a building site. Regardless of what people may think about these drawings, I have a lot of fun making them.

I became an architect primarily because as a kid I was a bit more fond of drawing than what is normal. Actually, I had not yet filled ten years when I decided what I wanted to do for a living. So the most important decision of my life was made by a nine year old boy. And even if I from time to time have had my doubts, I never really regretted.

Besides this obsession with drawing, theatre has been a field that always has fascinated me. In 1995-96 I took a years break from working as an architect and did a course in the theory and history of Theatre at the University of Oslo. This was something I did out of pure interest, it did not lead to any change of profession, but it gave me a lot.

All of my adult life I have regarded environmental questions as the by far most important problem mankind is facing. Regarding the way our modern society has escalated the exploitation of the planet, already around 1970 I came to the conclusion that this could not continue for a long time without coming to a total break-down. But at that time I did not realize that this break-down would start to occur within my own lifetime, to the degree that I unfortunatly have been witnessing in the later years. It worries me that even after these things have been common knowledge, it seems that it is only a minority that understands how alarming the situation is. On the other hand fortunately there are also tendencies to that new solutions are being developed and that necessary decisions are being made, so that we might be able to avoid the really big disaster.

Besides this I am interested in a lot of things. I have always been reading different kinds of litterature, I can easily be fascinated by mathematical riddles and etymological questions, I love strolling around in the forest, I try to get at least a few days of hiking in the mountains of Norway every summer.