I started studying at the Oslo School of Architecture in 1968, and since then I have been occupied with architecture in various ways for more than five decades. Still, after I set up this web site three years ago I have not made a single post on architecture, with one single exception. There are two main reasons for this: First, there are several other topics that I find far more important and burning, which I therefore have let dominate the site. Second, I find the ongoing arguments on architecture characterised by a language more or less impenetrable thus setting up a barriere for me to go into them.

But from tim to time I happen to see a building that makes me enthusiastic or provoked, and then I can feel like making a comment on it. Such a thing happened recently, and consequently I now launch the architectural section of this web site.

  ..or just a brutal superstructure ?
   Published 31.03.2022
  Why it was right. Sorry, only in
   norwegian. Published 17.02.2020