A Childhood in the nineteenfifties:


In the autumn of 2018 I made a little book about my Childhood in Oslo in the nineteenfifties. This was distributed as Christmas presents to my nearest family the same year. In the spring of 2019 I established this web site as a platform to distribute it to a broader public.

My intention was to give those who are kids and young people today an image of what it was like growing up those many years ago. Anyway, a lot of people of my own generation have told me that they recognize much of it from their own childhood.

For Christmas in 2019 I made a sequel booklet, this time merely about the Christmas Celebration when I was a child. And now in 2022 I made a third little book, this time about the Cat our family had when I was about seven- eight years old.

Unfortunately, the first two of these three small books have not been translated to english. But as the impact of the content are the drawings, you might have some pleasure from it, even if you do not understand norwegian. And for your pleasure, the story about the cat is published in english as well as in norwegian. I hope you will enjoy it.

This is about my Childhood in general. (2018)

This is about the Christmas Celebration. (2019)

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This is the story about the Cat. (2022)