Erling Ambles web site/Sophus

Meet Sophus, this web sites own cat.

Sophus declares that his name means "wisdom". It would be more natural to imagine that it meant "laziness". As most cats he spends most part of his time sleeping. He says that the fact that he sleeps so much shows how smart he is.

It is kind of mysterious where he came from. Probably he has jumped in through some window that has been left standing open. It is important to check that windows are not left open if you don't want cats into your web site.

Now he has got the task to be the web sites house cat. He on his side insists that the property relationship is the opposite. After all, he is a cat. What kind of role I have, as he sees it, is somewhat unclear. I suppose he regards me as some kind of janitor. Someone who sees to it that his food bowl is being filled up and his box of sand being cleaned. Somebody has to do such things.

He has demanded that he gets his own pages so that also his points of view can be expressed.